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We provide competitive oil prices daily, taking the hassle out of the oil ordering process. This is because we use many different heating oil suppliers - doing the market research for you!

Our ‘Monthly Bulk’ and ‘Daily Mini-Bulk’ can reduce your price even further. By including you in our syndicate we can bulk buy on your behalf to get the lowest price.

You can order oil by phoning 01954 719452

And for the monthly bulk order, you can also order online.

To order online if you have bought through us before

- Activate Online Bulk Ordering for Existing Agricole Oil Customers.

or if you have not bought through us before

Create a New to Agricole Oil Account for Online Bulk Ordering.

Agricole Oil:

•   has real people to answer the phone

•   is a free service to you, as Agricole Oil receives a commission from suppliers

•   is independent and not affiliated to any oil suppliers or oil companies

•   has panels of suppliers in East anglia, Kent, and from Oxford to Bristol

•   delivers to domestic, industrial and farmer customers

•   does not handle your payment, you pay the supplier directly

•   has been brokering oil for its customers since 1995

Jeremy Cole:


Monthly Bulk Orders

Upcoming order dates are not yet announced.